Last night, cookiemonger asked me if I wanted to collaborate on a comic. Instead of saying just yes, like a jerk I asked her a bunch of questions about what kind of comic, how long she wanted to work on it, what she had in mind when she asked, and where she wanted to host it. She shrugged off most of my questions and drew instead.

Dumb Things My Husband Says

I guess if you want to give me credit for anything, I was certainly a belligerent creative force behind its creation. CM started drawing an angry little fellow saying, “i don’t think this plan is fantastic” and I said we should make a comic with characters based on us. I mean, it looked kind of like me, and so that’s what I thought. I talked and she drew.

She asked for a title, and I suggested “Stupid @#$% My Husband Says,” because why not. She changed it to what you see here. *sheepish* While she drew, I threw up a bunch of ideas, which sort of turned into a caricature of myself, which may or may not have been the point. I am always angry and full of words. That’s kind of the premise.

CM drew two pages last night, and we talked a little about what we would do. Mostly we laughed a lot and she butchered stuff that I said. We arrived at a consensus that it was difficult to tell which one of us was supposed to be the “straight man” in the comic. We might look for hosting somewhere after we have a few more pages.

To be continued! *ANGRY EXCLAMATION*