I took a break from my foray into mythocartography for a couple days to work out a palette and set myself up to work on graphics again, but today is proving more difficult for illustrating than I would like, so I’m going back to research and revision since I can pick it up or set it down almost at will.

Where I left off, I had worked out the time period for the Argonautica, and I had placed Lydia in southern Euboea, where it would be more generally accessible, and would also serve to help populate the area with more myth-content.

I also figured out part of the timeline for the Golden Fleece, and I made a cool connection between Gordion, Midas, Tantalus, and Aeetes. I’ve decided to relocate the Hellespont to between Boeotia and Euboea, since I’m pretty sure your average person doesn’t know the name of that strait, or where the actual Hellespont is.

(Bonus points if you just looked them up.)

I’ve reorganized a few of the mythic kings so that Aeetes is now the son of Lydus (son of King Manes, and eponym of the kingdom of Lydia), instead of the sun-god Helios, and the oceanid Persies. I mean, I like the idea of some kings being descended from gods, but it makes dynasties difficult to, eh, justify. To myself, anyway.

Oh, I also seeded the foundation of a Greek colony in, uh, Italy. Whenever it is that Italy comes into the picture, I mean. When it becomes important, I guess.

It’s been fun working with kings lately. Since before I was simply trying to justify the existence of heroes and monsters, and create the foundations for kingdoms and tribes, it’s nice to build from the other end – kingdoms kind of springing up and justifying themselves with particularly important or memorable rulers.

Lydia is cool like that.

Northern Euboea is next, I think, and I’m still trying to decide if Odesos is going to be there, or in the Cyclades in the south. I’m thinking the former, but that’s awfully close to Troy, and I’m still not quite sure what I’m going to do with Troy. That may hinge on more of my rereading and summarizing of the comic. *shrug*