Tuesday night I made some preliminary notes for the city-state that will be central to the first few levels of the Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign I’ll be running on Wednesday nights. I was putting things off because I wanted more player input, but I got some really cool ideas while playing Assassin’s Creed 2.

I couldn’t help myself. *wink*

Anyway, I developed this sudden obsession with Boeotia, and setting the story there. For the uninitiated, Boeotia is the homeland of Oedipus, of Heracles (pre-deification), and Niobe, the latter famous for having lots of children, and seeing them all slain ’cause she had the stones to compare herself to a goddess. *shakes head*

I started developing the city by scribbling down some notes about the Twelve Crafts: Academics, Athletics, Creation, Cultures, Deception, Discipline, Initiative, Intuition, Perception, Persuasion, Survival, and Theatrics, and how all twelve of them were represented in the city. I started sketching a rough outline of the city. Y’know, walls.

It isn’t going to be Thebes, it’s going to be a lesser-known city. I want to avoid Thebes until I can do some more research. I’m considering using the name “Haliartus,” on the shore of Lake Copais, an ancient lake that had either been drained, or dried up by the mid-Eighteenth or Nineteenth Century. I might get a little “artistic” with it though.

Nearby myths include of course, the original founder of Boeotia, a few of the Minyan kings (people indigenous to mainland Greece before the Mycenaean invasion), and the later Labors of Heracles, Oedipus as mentioned before, and the wars of the Seven Against Thebes. The land saw an ancient flood, perhaps during the Titanomachy.

I forget who said it, but I remember stumbling across a quote somewhere about Boeotia air being “thick” to account for the natives’ simple-mindedness.

Yesterday was a day of research-blitz, which is why you didn’t see any posts from me. I scoured several websites for myths, maps, and monsters related to Boeotia, and pared down what I found into something as serviceable as possible. There was a lot of information to digest. I’ll be changing a bunch of things to fit my needs. But still.

Talked to the players as a group for the first time last night, I’ve talked to them individually and occasionally in smaller groups, but this was the first time we were all around the table together, talking about the game. I probably talked way too much. I went off on far too many tangents to my recollection. *shakes head* Ah, me.