I revised the features of the various tactical roles (harrier, charger, keeper, trapper, seeker), to modify and/or expand the Block basic power instead of represent a new, Quick-action power all together. This had the effect of making Block this cool, omnipresent power in combat, and made the weapon powers* more useful.

* Each weapon is geared toward combating a particular tactical role. With five roles and ten weapons, each character will have to be on the lookout for at least two enemy types. Rawr.

Having the tactical defenses modify the existing Block power also means they’re more likely to be used, I think, if only because they carry with them a tangible benefit, and they can’t be used independently of the basic power. So, either you use the “boring normal Block,” of you use your tactic’s enhanced version of Block.

I arrived back at the weapon styles, which are each intended to lend incentive to roles playing to type, giving them a bonus to using one of their favored weapons. A problem I ran into was the styles not doing anything particularly interesting. That’s a pretty big problem. A potential deal-breaker, and yet they still need to be generic enough.

Generic enough that seeing one weapon style that’s incompatible with a desired role doesn’t preclude the player from choosing a weapons style from their own role that’s similar. So, finding a way to make the weapons styles provide handsome bonuses to players who choose to use them, without penalizing those who don’t.

It’s a tough concept to handle, and I think one of the problems I haven’t encountered yet (but will probably, soon enough) is how some choices are mechanically better or worse than others. Why would you choose a weapon style over X? Why would you choose X over a weapon style? Does it match your play style, or is it imbalanced?

So, the idea for now is to have tactical defenses modify the Block power, and for weapon styles modify the weapon stances. Each tactical role has three styles, each geared around one of the two favored weapons, and so on, and so forth. Yes, yes, it’s all super-fantastic and where are we going with this? Still not sure about that.