Perhaps what makes this video most entertaining is the sheer number of brain-breakingly bad dice rolls come out of it, and how long it takes me to recover from each. I roll poorly for everyone – myself, the monsters, everyone. I came up with a couple guidelines to give my character a “sporting” chance.

Oh, and there’s a point where I make an “interesting” sound, around the 5:40 mark. That’s a sound that actually comes from me, and I have yet to reproduce it faithfully. It’s one of my “bizarro sounds” on record, and I’m sharing it with the world. *snerk*

Right, so I had this thought about how marks work and such. There’s the whole -2 penalty to attack characters other than the defender, and most defenders get a free attack when one of their protected allies is attacked. I want to impose a rule where marked enemies must attack other targets, as a way of producing reliable results.

I don’t think this works as well with the Paladin’s particular brand of marking, the “Challenge,” but I think it works pretty well with the Warden, the Fighter, and the Swordmage, at least (“classic” defenders, anyway). I’m not sure how it effects the numbers either, but it probably fixes a couple things.

In a previous post, I mentioned that each 4e role has a method for delivering extra damage: the striker (usually) piles it on one attack, the defender gets theirs from opportunity attacks while protecting allies, the leader deals their extra damage by enabling their allies, and the controller “spreads it around” with blasts and bursts.

Maybe there’s some wisdom in that. *ponders*