Here endeth the first arc of my video series. The first game session concludes here, and next week will pick up with the second game session. I still haven’t figured out how to sync the audio and video using Adobe Premiere, this despite the software working just fine with every single video preceding this series. No, really. It worked before.

Depending on what I’m doing in the evenings for the next week, I’ll probably shoot the third game session sometime Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Possibly maybe. So, in this session, Spot the blink dog comes to Vandal’s aid to vanquish the goblins and save the tavern. Of course, once the goblins are dealt with, there’s still the fire.

I’m still interested in doing some supplementary videos to accompany the main series, but I haven’t decided on a particular angle to approach them with. It’d be nice to talk about the encounters, I don’t know, maybe do a postmortem, but I’m not sure how interesting that would actually be. Talk about balance, various elements, eh.

Then, there’s always the character. I could talk about who he is, what his place is in the world, and other characters he might know, befriend, hate, whatever. I could talk about the Primal power source and what it means to him as a warden, what his powers are like. I mean, I guess. Or that can come through in the videos instead.

Stay tuned, all you viewers in Audienceland!