Posting has been sparse the last couple weeks, as I’ve been hard at work on dueling projects. First of course, there’s the new Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign I’m running on Wednesday evenings. The campaign follows in the wake of DnD Encounters that I’ve been running since March. Good times.

But it means I’ve been spending a lot of time in Super Research Mode lately. I’ve been poring over information about Mythical Boeotia, corroborating maps and myths to try and paint a picture of the region so the players can run around causing all the mischief they want. But! It’s also where I’m basing the board game!

Yesterday I came up with the most marvelous starter adventure, full of murder and intrigue. Well, mostly murder, but depending the point at which the players enter, there could be quite a bit of intrigue. I’ve created a timeline of events, so if they drag their heels, the plot will unfold without them. Kind of like a “Dynamic Event Chain.”

On the Assassin’s Creed front, I completed the Carnevale sequence and I just finished planting mercenaries through the district so I can go and assassinate the dude who’s holed up in his fortress. Looking forward to that part, ’cause those assassinations are what you play this series for, after all. Right? Am I right?

Incidentally, Assassin’s Creed 2 has informed a lot of the side-quest and region stuff I’ve worked on recently. I’m trying to streamline “guilds” so they can be interacted with on a really basic level, like hiring mercs, thieves, or courtesans, or taking on more involved stuff, like, “missions” and stuff. It’s all based on “scope.”

This morning, I made some thieves (both standard and elite), and outlined a sweet Skill Challenge to introduce the players to the town. I will admit now the whole thing borrows heavily from pickpockets / Borgia couriers in AC2.