It’s a holiday today here in America, and consequently I have the day off from work. I think that should translate to a holiday for me entirely, but I do feel compelled to come here and post something at least acknowledging that fact. And I think I know what and how I should talk about it. So, Norvendae. The War of the Seven States of Magic.

Over the last few days I’ve been tweaking the weapon training and combat style options a fair amount. I still haven’t quite figured out what I’m trying to do. When I designed the five tactical roles and the ten weapons geared specifically to thwart them, it was under the assumption that PCs and NPCs alike would use them.

Now I’m not so sure about it. Formerly, the advantage of choosing weapon training A was how it would pay off in combating monster B because it uses defensive style C. That isn’t so much the case now. There isn’t any kind of guarantee that the monsters your character may face will use a defensive style at all, so where’s the benefit?

What I’ve narrowed things down to is this: eight basic powers that all characters have access to (I know I just said I’d come up with the sixth the other day), a weapon training that provides a stance power, a choice of one of the seven states that provides an aura power, and a feature that ties into one of the above choices.

Er, I suppose there’s also a choice of one of the twelve Crafts, which provides an accompanying preparation. Those I’ve also played around with, and they led me to proficiencies and further into combat styles. I’ve made a great big mess of things and I’m still trying to figure out what exactly is what, and where it belongs.

> Eight basic powers
> State of magic (7)
> Craft focus (12)
> Tactical role (5)
> Weapon training (10)
> Extra feature (?)