Libris Mortis, the Book of Undead, is one of my favorite player / game master supplements from Third Edition, primarily because its focus is on the undead. The undead are far and away my favorite foe to face in the dungeon, or anywhere really. There’s always a question behind their appearance — why is this creature here?

Every undead creature was either created by a necromancer or some fiendish monster with necromantic powers, or it’s the byproduct of some powerful, unresolved feeling held by a sentient creature. There are so many myths and legends behind the existence and creation of undead that it’s always cool to hear a new take on them.

Well, mostly. Zombies usually, vampires not so much. Anyway! The Libris Mortis explores concepts closely related to the undead: their nature and demeanor, their motivations, how they “reproduce” (most don’t, but when they do, you tend to get zombies), and methods for exploiting or destroying them.

While it has been several been years since this book came out, like Second Edition before Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons has a lot of cool stuff to its contents even should it require adaptation to fit the game you’re playing now. I imagine in a few years, Fourth Edition will be much the same, albeit in different ways.

At the very least, the book is good for worldbuilding, and it’s great for expanding your understanding of the undead and their raison d’etre. Yeah, that was French. Right, anyway. Coming back to this book, I always find more useable material than the time before: spells, creatures, magic items, and their accompanying flavor text.

If you missed it the first time around, you can always look for the book on Amazon or eBay. I got mine when it came out, and I’ve kept it in pristine condition. Along with my books for demons and other fun monstrosities. I still don’t have the Monster Manual 4 or MM5, or Lords of Madness, but I may one day. One day. *shakes fist*