This morning I finished categorizing my backlog of unsorted blog entries. Which is to say, I started and finished this morning, because it’s one of those things I’ve been putting off. The nice thing is that it’s done. You can now use that little drop-down thing to go to any page in the comic, and only the comic…

Which brought another issue to my attention. While it’s all well and good that blog posts aren’t cluttering up the drop-down menu, it’s virtually impossible to tell the pages apart. I mean, really. What I need to do *now* is probably rename some of the page-posts so there’s an easy way to tell one chapter or issue from the next.

But that’s a project for another time. It took about two hours to go through well over two hundred posts and sort them into their appropriate category. I’ll figure out how to make the comic make more sense and be more readable … later. For now, I’m thinking that I’d like to add more pages to the site, and clean up some other stuff.

I’d like to add a “show page” for The Dithering Idium, to list the current, and all older episodes. I mean, there are only six for now, but six is more than one or two, I know there are going to be more (they’re prerecorded and stuff), and I’m partway into the second session, which gives it some structure.

Some things are really coming into focus. It’s very exciting.