This probably came up over ten years ago when Diablo 2 originally came out, but a curious thought occurred to me as I was watching cookiemonger play through Quest for Glory 2. In the first game, you save the land of Spielburg from bandits, and in the second game you save the city of Raseir from an evil mage Arabian Nights-style.

These are the only two games in the series I presently have any familiarity with, but here me out. Each game foreshadows the next by including a couple of characters who will appear and guide the plot in the following entry.

For the first game, a couple of cat-people and a merchant show up, and in the second one a lion-centaur and a tribal warrior train you to fight. CM told me the second game has an African theme and takes place partially in a jungle environment.

Quest for Glory 3 was released in 1992, roughly four years before the release of the first entry in the Diablo series, which took place exclusively in Tristram and focused on combating monsters deep in the dungeons below the town. Diablo 2 follows an “Act” system, whereby the character travels from one locale to the next.

Act One takes place in a cold mountainous area, where the threat comes from goblin-like creatures (devil-kin “Fallen”), brutish troll-like creatures (“Yetis”), the ravenous local wildlife (ranges from Giant Spiders to “Quill Rats”), traditional bandit enemies (“Corrupted Rogues”), plus an assortment of undead.

In Diablo 2, the underlying theme is that most of these creatures have been corrupted by the Prime Evils, and the influence of Hell and its assorted minions.

Act Two takes place in a hot desert area, drawing its visual style from Arabian Nights-themed works, and the character fights more undead (a constant throughout the game), but also a multitude of cat-like creatures (“Saber Cats”), and giant venomous insects (“Sand Maggots”). The “mini boss” of Act Two is an evil summoner.

Oh, but Tal Rasha, who you were arguably seeking in this Act (possessed by Baal) gets away, leaving you to instead contend with a Giant Space Flea From Nowhere. (Duriel is more like a Giant Space Maggot, but whatever, right?)

Act Three takes you to a jungle environment where you fight lots of critters I could probably cross-compare to Quest for Glory 3 if I’d seen it yet, but you can probably follow my train of thought by this point. Diablo 2 does remain true to its namesake in giving you a descent into Hell in the shortest act of the game.

How much of Diablo 2 was borrowed/inspired by the Quest for Glory series? Does Diablo 2 just happen to be a Darker And Edgier version of Quest for Glory with the puzzles stripped out and replaced with combat? Food for thought.