I’m working on a new page on the site to collect the gaming resources I’ve developed so far: the Arkham Horror Location Encounter tables, the static monster table, and the rules for the Norvendae card game, along with anything else I can find. Essentially, it’ll be a “Resources / Downloads” page. I think I have enough to justify one.

I still haven’t figured out what constitutes its own page, but I think at some point, I’ll create a page for the video series, too. I want to try and keep the page navigable, but some things need summaries and other things need direct links. Once you accumulate a certain amount of stuff, it just becomes necessary for organization.

I like organization. *stupid grin*

Maybe for my own use, maybe for new readers, I want to create a summary of the chapters and story arcs for Rumors of War. It’s tough because there are some things I want to remain, you know, “subtle,” ’cause they hint at events to come. But maybe not so much in case it takes me a while to get back to work on the comic.

Definitely going to need a page for War of the Seven States of Magic. At some point. Maybe some other pages. I guess I should make a list.