I had a ton of problems editing this video. So much so, that I finally just uploaded the raw footage right off the tablet. For some reason, Premiere utterly refused to import the video with audio and video synced. The raw video had no problems with syncing, but as soon as I brought it into Premiere, the audio and video would go out of sync.

Once I can figure out how to import the video without it de-syncing, I’ll put the titles back in and trim it down a bit. I mean, I wrestled with the stupid thing for hours, getting everything together so it’d be nice and clean, I compressed the audio and everything, and when cookiemonger and I watched it… after a couple minutes, … *sigh*

Anyway, in this first episode, I describe the basics of the town of Brindol. There’s a lot more going on, but I wanted to fit as much of the description into about ten to fifteen minutes, so I could get into the first encounter. I shot three more videos that night, of the ensuing combat in the tavern. If I can figure out the audio/video… *doublesigh*