Sorry, I intended to post the link to this video yesterday but I faced numerous upload issues, to contrast with the previous editing and file-transfer issues of the last two videos. This is the third of four videos in the first game session, and the longest video of the session (clocking in at eighteen and a half minutes).

You can see I started to loosen up a bit and was a bit goofy (I think I picked a good image to illustrate this in the thumbnail). The episode is named for Vandal’s first recorded use of the Guardian power, “Form of Mountain’s Thunder,” which I think he used to great effect in this encounter. The session will conclude next week.

I’ve already recorded the second game session (in five parts), which will start to go online once the current session has finished.

At some point, I’d like to create some supplementary videos where I talk about my character and the adventure (and other geekery), but for now I want to keep the focus on the adventure and make sure it updates every week in the foreseeable future. It’s one of my hopes that it becomes a major feature of the site. Spread the word!