Edit: Fixed the link to the video. Thanks for the anonymous tip, BTW.

I think I’m going to just have to be perfect the first time I shoot a new episode until I can afford a computer that can either A) run the software, or B) … there is no B. I have the video-editing software I need to, you know, edit the videos, but for whatever reason, even after updating all of my drivers and everything, my problem doesn’t exist.

Not according to the Internet, anyway.

I figure I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing — if I keep the episode length pretty short, say ten to twenty minutes, and take breaks between shots, I should be able to avoid brain clouds and Er-Um moments until I have the resources to actually fix the problems. Humble beginnings, these are, indeed. [/yodavoice]

This video picks up right at the end of the previous one, with a little recap in case it’s been a week since you saw the last one. Most of them will of course. I think I actually mention my character’s name for the first time in this episode. If not, it’s in the post tags, and it’s actually in the title of my previous video. Go watch!