Over the last week, I’ve been recording a series of videos as part of an ongoing series that I’ll be hosting/sharing on my site here. It will chronicle the adventures of my dwarf warden, a Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons character I created specifically for this purpose. To save myself some time later, I’m creating a “wish list” of magic items.

Cavern Explorer’s Weapon (3rd-level)
+1 magic craghammer
Critical: +1d6 extra damage, and you push the target 1 and shift into the space it just vacated.
Free action: Once per day, when you hit an enemy with a primal attack power using this weapon, you may push the target 1, and you and each ally within 5 may shift 1 as a free action.

Bloodcut Armor (4th-level)
+1 magic hide armor
Minor: Once per round, while you’re bloodied, you may spend a healing surge to get resist 10 to all damage until the end of your next turn.

Amulet of Life (5th-level)
+1 neck slot item
Free action: Once per encounter, when you spend a healing surge to heal, you may spend an additional surge and regain the appropriate number of hit points.

Now, according to the parcel system, a single character should be afforded exactly one magic item per character level – a magic item roughly two levels higher than their character level. To this end, I’ve supplied the first 3 levels worth of magic items that I’d like to see him find. He’ll get some other stuff too, potions and junk like that.

While I technically have the resources to determine the items I’d like to see Vandal pick up over the course of his entire adventuring career, it’d be a waste of time if he sustained a critical hit to his dwarf noggin and died in his very first encounter, so I’m going to restrain myself a bit. Plus, I don’t know if he’ll need certain other things.

Once his adventures are truly under way, and assuming he survives them, Vandal should accrue enough extraneous gold pieces to equip himself with help from his “warsmith” background, which allows him to perform “Creation” rituals as though he were a ritualist. And he’ll still need to buy the Enchant Magic Item ritual.

Still, I’m optimistic. I think I built a pretty solid character. I got insanely lucky ability score rolls (three 18s, one for Strength, Constitution, and Wisdom), and he’ll have a magical beast companion, who should help to watch his back.