My understanding of the Sidereal state of magic has changed quite a bit with time. I think it’s flip-flopped more than just about any other state of magic. And here, I think I’m finally gaining more insight into its thematics. At least until I change my mind again. Previous interpretations have left Spectral as the de facto arcane magic.

This is different.

Personally, I’ve never played an Archmage. I don’t know that it’s an especially powerful class, and it has some pretty ridiculous feat requirements. Who takes Spell Focus? Skill Focus Arcana? Seriously? And then you have to make sure you know 5th-level spells (or higher) from at least five different schools. So specific.

Really, the archmage is a Scholar (Academics) at its core. I have no question of that. They have a single-minded pursuit of magic, and I think their ability to master Arcane Fire, boost their Caster Level (makes spells more difficult to resist), and alter the elements of their spells make them a shoe-in for the Striker role. You heard me.

It doesn’t help that the illustration of the guy gives him eyes on his robes and a starry background. The Archmage is weird. Weird even for wizards. Not focused, like a specialist. See, it makes sense to focus one’s studies, but the Archmage is something else. A figure of mystery, a figure of supreme arcane mastery. It’s a theme.

So, my money is on Sidereal Scholar. That’s the magic of the cosmos at their fingertips. Their very logical, rational, almost insanely so, fingertips. Figure it’s all in the abjuration (dispel, disjunction, and metamagic especially) and some of the more-difficult-to-discern Transmutation effects.

What do you get the Archmage who has everything? More Everything.