I’m going to be taking a bit of a break from my standard blogging (when was it ever consistent?) to run a “Trench Coats & Tommy Guns” style roleplaying game for cookiemonger. So, instead of an uneven stream of rambling complaints about game design and writing, there will be a stream of grisly murders and detective snark.

Suggested in my previous post, I’m going to use Arkham Horror for basic structure, and I’m thinking there might even be cameos by some of the investigators from the game. My pitch to CM was “Indiana Jones Versus Cthulhu,” and her character is an appropriately insane “Acquisitioner of Ancient Invaluables.”

For the most part, the adventures will be original stories inspired by various cards and characters from the board game, with occasional themes borrowed from expansions whenever it seems like it might be fun. A lot of the time, we’ll just be making it up as we go along. The era is “Somewhere Between Great Wars,” in a very vague sense.

You can read the first two parts of her character introduction:

“Adrienne Catesby in Her Own Words”
“Adrienne in New York”

In the meantime, I’ll be setting the scene and writing the first events that kick off the plot. The roleplay will go back and forth between our blogs, and I intend to write things in a pretty open-ended, vaguely scriptish style, to allow for CM to fill in details and the description as she likes from her perspective. She’s better at that stuff anyway.