Spent most of this morning working on some stuff for my video series. I’ve uploaded half of the game session(s) I’ve recorded so far, and I’ve been thinking about content and formatting and stuff, and I suddenly had this cool idea to, I guess, “enhance” the experience, by introducing some rival adventurers. Not enemies exactly…

I’ve built four. At first I was thinking along the lines of the “Rule of Three,” but then I thought that the adventure was designed for five adventurers, and it’d be best if I were the one “good one” out of the five, basically pulling all the weight, so I made a total of four characters to serve as rivals. I set some basic criteria based on Vandal.

First of all, while these characters are intended to serve as rivals and foils, they aren’t supposed to outshine Vandal in anything he’s supposed to be able to do. To that end, none of them have companions (vs. Fey Beast Tamer), none of them are Defenders (vs. Warden), none are Dwarves, and none use the Primal power source.

Not yet, anyway…

The first character I created was intended to be really straightforward. He’s a striker, and I made him a half-orc ranger (classic). He wields a double weapon, and he is totally mercenary. Like, to a tee. Since Vandal is pretty stoic with a fairly altruistic goal, this guy should serve as a great “morality” foil, being essentially stoic to a fault.

The next character I made is a half-elf invoker. As a controller, he’ll often act through agents and manipulate those around Vandal, contrasting with Vandal’s straightforward nature. He’s supposed to be pretty diabolical, but not exactly on the level of David Xanatos. Still, clever enough to give my character a headache.

My third foil is actually a character I created some time ago, but updated to use a newer version of the class: a tiefling “skald” bard. He is everything Vandal isn’t from a social perspective. He has the friends, allies, contacts, connections, and the ability to demand an audience with the right people at the right time. A real poseur.

Finally, there’s a human vampire (essentials). Of the four rivals, he’s the only truly evil character: violent, sadistic, and driven to destroy anything and everything around him. He’s sneaky, but only so he can continue causing chaos, destruction, and death from the shadows. He does whatever he feels like, unfettered by … anything.

My thought now, is that each one of these characters will persist until “totally defeated” by Vandal, at which point they’ll be replaced by two new rivals — in the classic “hydra” concept, where cutting off one head gives rise to two more.