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“General? Admiral?” Elena almost chokes on her breakfast when she hears [their titles]. She whispers to Elric. “Did you knew that? I would have never have guessed,” she said on low voice.

Brother Darme, to Elena
(Musing.) Curiouser and curiouser. Given their considerable influence, I wonder if perhaps Priscilla had a connection to one of them that her kidnapper deemed (pauses, considering his words) “pliable.”

Perhaps the first step then, would be to investigate the good General and Admiral. If we find out a little bit of their history, we may deduce Priscilla’s involvement in the matter.

I’m not local to this area, I don’t know anyone in the military. I’m also not knowledgeable of this region’s history. It is strange that one would find such distinguished officers in the middle of nowhere.

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“This is quite interesting… She was found in the north. And orphan girl… [snip] Elena points to the gems, the staff and the living stone. “Maybe they can be useful somehow.”

Brother Darme, to Elena
I could discern the magical properties of these items, but it would take me considerable time and effort to do so, I recommend you show them to the lovely ladies of … oh, what’s the name of that group of bards? Anyway, they may have encountered such things in their travels.

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Teresa continues, “Kobolds in these lands are cowards. [snip] If you have any hints as to who might be behind the attack, I might be able to gather some information up.”

“As far as the war in the North goes… [snip] …for it is cursed by those that died on the battlefield.”

Brother Darme, to Teresa
(Elric nods.) It’s as I thought, then. But I don’t know much about the organization of the kobolds, I wasn’t with the others when they rescued the children, perhaps if you ask Elena? She will likely know.

Brother Darme, to Elena
(In a grave tone.) If we cannot find any leads here, it may be necessary for us to travel North to find out more about the war, though I would think this as a last resort, since I know nothing of the region myself. Is that something you think you and your companions would be up to, if faced with that choice?