Continued from… “An Arrival.”


The Police Station has undergone a near-complete transformation thanks to the care and scrutiny of Constable Ash. Somewhere in the Station however, a lost piece of pie has found its way onto a precarious corner, where it waits for the right careless elbow.

The entire station snaps to awkward attention upon the arrival of Miss Adrienne Catesby — all eight of them. Having heard about their rare and special guest, the entirety of the Bedlam Police Force turned out to meet her.

Quoted from cookiemonger
Once inside, Adrienne politely declines Constable Ash’s offers to take her coat or scarf. She flashes a bizarrely dazzling smile towards Constable Ash…

Constable Ash appears beside himself in loss of purpose. Face flushed, he takes his own coat and hangs it up on the station’s singular coat rack, which he had procured for the special occasion. He takes up a post by the coat rack, guarding his own coat and observes the scene for several moments before realizing his own foolishness.

Quoted from cookiemonger
Adrienne, to Constable Ash
You don’t look at all busy. Would you be a dear and fetch me a cup of tea? No milk or sugar, merci.

Captain Elliot stares at the constable for a moment, who seems lost for what to do in the situation. He then waves emphatically for the younger man to go. Constable Ash looks panic-stricken for a moment as he glances around the room for some cue before muttering about going to the diner. He exits.

Quoted from cookiemonger
Adrienne, to Captain Elliot
Good morning, Captain. I must admit that I have no earthly idea why you’ve summoned me thus to your charming workplace.

One would think that investigation would preclude social visits. But what do I know.

Following the constable’s hasty departure, the captain settles into his chair.

Captain Elliot
(Commenting.) Well, that was bracing. (To Adrienne.) The lad’s usually rather bright, can get a bit flustered. Now, to the matter at hand. (He places his hands on the desk and leans forward.) I believe you know as well as I that this is no social visit.

The captain shifts uncomfortably in his seat and clears his throat.

Captain Elliot, to Adrienne
I’m not sure how familiar you are with this business in the papers. (He gestures to the newspaper on his desk. The headline reads “Bedlam Axeman Suspected In School Slaying!”) Rather an embarrassment to my office, of course. Scandalous.

His eyes drift back and forth between Adrienne and the newspaper, looking for some glimmer of recognition. Either to the case, or the effect it might have on the police.

Captain Elliot, continued
See, our investigation has not turned up any evidence to suggest a connection to the Bedlam Axeman, and this publicity has the sheriff breathing down my neck for clues. It’s further complicated by the fact that he papers are insisting of the incompetence our own police exhibit in matters of investigation.

The captain leans back in his chair again and gestures dismissively.

Captain Elliot, continued
They’ve clearly got their heads clouded with fanciful ideas about mysteries and detectives. Perhaps you are familiar with the works of Sir Conan Doyle? My men are rather fond of his boy Holmes. I think of his adventures as inspiration for our work.

He clears his throat again.

Captain Elliot, continued
Anyhow, the papers seem convinced that our department is somehow lacking, and a consultant may be required. They seem rather enamored with your celebrity, as you may see from the article. As they are unlikely to take my word for it, I was wondering if I might impose on you to make a statement to the papers that the Axeman is not connected to this horrible crime? I understand, it is highly unusual.

He pauses to give Adrienne time to contemplate his request.