Continued from “Academia and Axe Murders.”


It is clear from the arrangement of objects within the apartment, that Charles Brimley valued his work and studies over the tedium of daily life. The smallest room, normally reserved for the study, was the one devoted to sleeping. A single small bed, with no clear indication of how it was maneuvered inside, dominates the room.

Aside from the bed, only living things can be found in the small room. Not a stray book, paper, or artifact to be found inside.

Inside the room normally devoted to be the master bedroom, was Charles’s study, and it was at maximum capacity. Though the casual occultist would see no clear pattern to the organization of the man’s musty tomes and artifacts, there was a method to his madness. References from around the world in clockwise fashion. The whole world.

Small visual cues, such as the placement of artifacts and the direction they pointed in could be used to determine Charles’s own direction of studies. His interests began in the Orient, traveled Southwesterly through Asia Minor, then Africa, South America, then around to Australia, back up to Europe, before ending in North America.

Clearly a researcher with his priorities sorted.

Once his methods of organization and priority of research could be discerned, it was a simple matter to determine what was out of place. A lone book rests amid a collection of dissimilar tomes, notated for further study but otherwise unremarkable and indistinguishable in appearance, and on loan from the Bedlam Historical Society.

Quoted from cookiemonger
She looked up at the pentacle on the ceiling, then back at Ash. “I see. Were there any items of religious or historical significance at the scenes of the Axeman’s… confirmed crimes?”

Constable Ash, to Adrienne
Items of a religious or historical significance? Let me think. (He strokes his chin thoughtfully.) I recall a bit from the last murder, a young couple in a tenement building. I think they were atheists. Er, the one before that was the brother of a priest, but I don’t think there was anything significant about the victim or location.

The constable counts on his fingers and makes curious gestures in the air, as though referencing a book or tallying details.

Constable Ash, continued
I think the three previous victims were all immigrants without significant religious connections. I remember we thought at first the Axeman might have been going after immigrants in particular, but that was before we made a connection to some earlier unsolved mysteries. Apart from cause of death, nothing linked the victims.