Continued from “I’ll Show You.”


Looking mildly distraught, Constable Ash walks first ahead of, then alongside, then behind Adrienne, unsure of where he should walk relative to her position. Confused, but otherwise earnest, he looks to her to set the pace.

Quoted from cookiemonger
Outside, she decided to drop her concerned but stupid citizen act and smiled at the constable again. “My apologies, Constable Ash. It’s very intimidating to be surrounded by men in such a place. You saved my life with that cuppa.”

Constable Ash, to Adrienne
Ah, yes. You’ll have to forgive the Captain. He loses his temper with frightful ease at times. At least, I think he was angry. Did he seem angry to you? (To himself, aloud.) I don’t think it was anything I did, but it’s so hard to tell sometimes.

The constable mutters to himself as if lost in thought. Occasionally a word will be audible enough to be discerned, but for the most part, he rambles. At one point he breaks the flow and wonders aloud about where a piece of pie disappeared.

Constable Ash, to Adrienne
Sorry about that. Can’t seem to rein in my own thoughts sometimes, they just sort of get ahead of me, a bit like a wild carriage I suppose. (He hums to himself, apparently amused by the turn of phrase.) I don’t suppose you’ve been following all this business with the murder? Baffling stuff. The newspapers love it, much to the Captain’s chagrin.

There’s something off about the constable’s use and pronunciation of words, as though he hasn’t heard them in use before. He sounds a bit like he’s plucking definitions out of a crossword puzzle, using them only in a very specific context.

After a time, Adrienne and the constable find themselves at the University, where his behavior shifts to one of boyish wonder. Everything at the college seems fascinating.

Constable Ash, to himself
Will you look at that? Smart, busy people all around. Hm, I wonder what he’s up to? Probably off to the, oh, is that the library? Hm, statue of who, I wonder?


Ash looks disappointed when the two of them arrive at Brimley’s apartment. A little effort had been made to clean the place up, but the murder had been so recent that no one was in a hurry to clear out his things and rent the place out again.

Constable Ash, to Adrienne
Well, here it is, but I suppose you knew that already then? I have a key, key, key. (The constable pats down his person for a moment, before producing a key from one of his many pockets.) I’m not sure what the Captain expects you to find, but here we go.


Constable Ash gives Adrienne a very brief tour. The apartment is eerily tidy for one that bore witness to a violent murder so recently. There are books and odd trinkets on almost every surface, though far enough back from the edges that careless visitors wouldn’t be likely to knock them over.

Constable Ash, continued
The, er, Mister Brimley was found on the floor of his study. The one room was a bit messy, like there was a fight or something, but not really messy enough for an axe murder. That’s why we concluded it wasn’t. I mean, the victims of the Axeman were hacked apart. Mister Brimley, well, there was just the one whack.

Waiting for Adrienne to look around, Ash began to pace nervously.