Continued from “Consultation.”


Quoted from cookiemonger
Charles was a fool, but part of his foolishness was in being over-prepared. My home is mere yards away from his. I saw the front door this very morning. Demolished, yes, but there are marks in the jamb. Axe marks, gentleman.

Captain Elliot, to Adrienne
Axe marks, you say. (To himself.) Axe marks. Very curious. (To the room.) Did you hear that gentlemen? Axe marks in the door. Sounds like you lot need to get your heads out of the penny dreadfuls and get about to the real detective work!

The captain turns his attention back to Adrienne.

Captain Elliot, to Adrienne
Ma’am, you have no idea how indebted I am to you for this. I’ll send my men back out to Mister Charles’s place right away to collect some real evidence, and we’ll stop pussyfooting around. (He gestures to two of the constables watching on the sidelines.) You heard what I said, didn’t you? Get to it!

The constables look confused for a moment, then jerk to their feet.

Captain Elliot, to Adrienne
If it would make you feel better, these fine upstanding officers of the law will escort you back to the apartment, where you may supervise their investigation. If anything looks out of sorts, I encourage you not to hold back. Anything. (He puts special emphasis on the word “anything,” going so far as to repeat himself.) Anything. You think might aid in this investigation, you share with our good officers.

Constable Ash stumbles in the door with Adrienne’s tea.

Captain Elliot, to Ash
(Roaring.) CONSTABLE! You disappoint me! (He gestures toward Adrienne.) Making the good Lady Catesby here wait for her tea! You will serve her tea immediately! (He waves dismissively to the other constables.) You two are wasting the taxpayer’s money! Go do some detective work, I’m assigning Constable Ash here to escort Lady Catesby.

Ash offers the tea and a small dish of pastries to Adrienne with trembling hands.

Captain Elliot, to Adrienne
(Regaining control from his outburst.) I must apologize on behalf of the entire force, milady. Had we not failed to notice the axe marks in the door–

Constable Ash, to Elliot
(Interrupting.) But we–

Captain Elliot, continued
(Shouting to cut him off.) Enough! (Turning back to Adrienne.) You see what I have to work with here? Now, if you have any further questions, the good Constable will be happy to answer all. And if he shows a measure of weakness, show him no mercy! Once you’ve finished your tea, of course.

The captain leans back in his chair and folds his hands in front of him.