And so with very little fanfare whatsoever, I’ve finished the roughs for all eighty-four character class concepts. There’s still work to be done of course, there’s always work to be done, but the first part is over. The hardest part is complete. I have something to work with now, there’s a starting point. And the road goes ever onward.

It’s weird to be so close to completing a goal I started almost a year ago. I mean, the idea of the game system itself reaching the point where it’s ready for publishing is unfathomable. I’m still not really getting the feeling right — it’s just beyond my ability to comprehend. I’m sure when I finally reach that point, I’ll be all, like, “what?”

From here, I need to conduct a lot of tests, and I do mean a lot of tests. Since I’ve created an archetype system, the point will be to try to pass dozens, or hundreds of character concepts through the system. I figured I’d start with Third Edition DnD, and work my way through the prestige classes. Can my system accommodate them?

Assuming I make my way all through Third Edition, I’ll move on to Fourth Edition. I’m excited by the prospect of buffing the archetypes until they shine. There have to be things I haven’t thought of before, concepts that go beyond the scope of what I’ve created. I hope I find them. I hope I find new concepts in my own system.

You could think of the class archetypes as a sort of periodic table of character types. It’s supposed to create a foundation to incorporate existing types, and also make possible new and unheard of character types. And this is all intended to take place before you add equipment and super powers to the mix.