The Revised Edition Arcane Archer isn’t a complex class, and its requirements aren’t especially difficult to meet, though it has a pretty high “feat tax” from what I recall. Point Blank Shot is a requirement for just about every archery-based feat under the sun (for some reason) but I think Precise Shot is one of the more useful ones.

The first problem we encounter in trying to filter this prestige class through my archetype system is that it leans heavily on its “elf” and “archer” components. My archetype system doesn’t have race as a main component, and weapon choices are made after a class is chosen — rendering specialization a bit, eh, crippling.

Arcane Archers need to be able to cast arcane spells in order to imbue their arrows, and if they don’t have area-effect spells, their 2nd-level power, Imbue Arrow, is worthless. Find me some good low-level offensive spells that make investment in this prestige class worth it. I’m sure there are a few, but still I ask, “why?”

The Seven States don’t have “Arcane” magic like Dungeons & Dragons, but the closest equivalent is probably either the Spectral or Sidereal state. With the class’s focus on imbuing weapons (specifically ammunition) with magic, the archetype most likely to fit this is the Smith (Creation skill). There’s a downsid3e, though.

If we’re indeed talking about a Spectral Smith representing the Arcane Archer, we’re looking at a class that wouldn’t be restricted to elves, nor to bows — or even ranged weapons. No, you’re probably looking at a class that has the ability to imbue their attacks with seeking magic — and also the attacks of their allies.

I know, it’s terrible. Of course, if you want to focus on the “striker” aspect of this class, I suppose you could have them represented by the Hunter archetype. The emphasis would probably be less on making magic arrows though, and more about impeding one’s mark with all sorts of horrible, debilitating effects. Breaks your heart, doesn’t it?