I forgot to mention what prompted me to launch into “book-writing mode.” Lots of roleplaying games and games with RPG elements use the word “skill” to mean different things. Skills often represent anything from a slew of collectible attacks (Diablo, Guild Wars), to non-combat skills in which you invest (Fallout, DnD).

Now that “skill” has such a broad meaning thanks to this abuse, I figured it would be to everyone’s benefit if I chose a new term, to better reflect its differentness. This despite any apparent similarities to other systems. S’yeah. Crafts. I haz them. And they have different powers to reflect them in combat. They’re cool like that.

What I figured Thursday (or Friday, I don’t remember exactly), was that each Craft represented some cool way of approaching the different aspects of doing different things. Because the first major release of the game will focus on combat (tactics and such in the foreground), I started with “preparations.” They’re cool.

When you use a preparation, it has one of four triggers based on its Suit, and one of three effects, based on its directive/proactive/reactive nature. I’ve tried to define them a couple different ways, but even those three words just don’t fit them well. Basically, each Craft enables an ally to do something in reaction to something else.

Second Wind is normally a time-consuming process, and characters don’t have a lot of health, but it’s there sort of as a placeholder so it can be on the character sheet and not hidden away in a section of one or more rulebooks. Anyone can encourage an ally to use Second Wind a little bit better. It’s the Power of Friendship.

But certain Crafts enable a character to use Second Wind even when it isn’t their turn. Also, due to a couple other tweaks and changes I made, that’s a pretty big deal. Second Wind is a sort of big deal because it’s what your character does any time, every time you need to heal. Really not at all like Second Wind from Fourth Edition.

Think more like Borderlands, but at-will. And also like potions, I guess. Anyway, I’ll get more into the other Craft power-types in a later post, and I’ll talk a little bit more about preparations and their triggers, … later. All in due time, of course. So much to do…