Quoted from Game Master
As Elric tells the story, Teresa’s musical tune changes, to match his dramatic story telling. Meanwhile Ilena stops singing, and starts writing down some of the important parts of the story.

Elric shakes his head solemnly.

Brother Darme, continued
To say that I tamed the dragon would be a grave overstatement of events. At best, I was able to appease Bravack, as that was his dragon name, and I was able to keep him fed and sufficiently entertained while I desperately thought of a way to keep him from turning on the villagers.

From a local druid I learned about a group of orcs who were over-hunting animals in the forest, and I thought to bring Bravack with me while I hunted the orcs, if for no other reason than to keep an eye on him. Once I explained my plan to him, he took a keen interest in it. Bravack, being able to fly, quickly escaped from me and I only arrived after he had slain the orcs.

Elric looks into the distance, remembering the haunting events.

Brother Darme, continued
Bravack took to it with glee, and though he had spared me the fight, I’d never been so terrified in my life. I knew that if I said the wrong thing to him, or if he grew hungry or dissatisfied, or if he decided I wasn’t treating him as well as he liked, that he’d turn on me, or the villagers.

Elric takes a seat on a stable pile of rubble, and looks to his audience.

Brother Darme, continued
I can’t think of what I did as heroic. All I really did was lead the dragon to choose victims that my conscience would allow, to buy time for the villagers. Soon after the incident with the orcs, I heard about a band of thieves operating out of a nearby cave. I didn’t want to leave Bravack behind for fear that he would attack the village, and now I knew what he was capable of doing.