Quoted from Game Master
Riful, to Elric
“Do tell what monstrosities would roam in the lands of Enureaf that could possibly top stories from the sleeping ones.”

Elric smiles.

Brother Darme, to Riful
Oh, I doubt anything I’ve seen or done can top stories of sleeping giants. A few weeks of walking away, I happened across a tiny village that was stricken by a terrible disease. It seems that some terrible creatures, risen from the grave, were preying on the village inhabitants.

Through my knowledge of healing and prayer, I was able to save several of those afflicted, and I tracked down the creatures to a nearby marsh and smote them with the power of the divine.

Elric bows his head low.

Brother Darme, continued
Though the story does not end there. I searched the marsh thoroughly, to make sure that no more of the creatures remained, and I came across a large, black egg. The largest egg I’d ever seen. Though I had never seen one before, I knew it to be a dragon’s egg.

Leaving the egg behind, I hurried back to the village elder and told him of what I found. But while I was out, it seems that one of the villagers discovered the egg, and brought it back to the village with the intent of making it a meal. I found the egg roasting over a fire in the tavern and to my horror, the egg hatched! A tiny black dragon was born!

At this point, I must inform you that such dragons have blackness in their hearts, as well as their scales, from the moment of their birth.

Naturally, the villagers were terrified and fled the inn, and though I knew the power it possessed, my conscience would not allow me to slay so young and weak a creature, no matter how malevolent. I resolved myself to take it under my wing, as it were, and teach it the ways of kindness and friendship.

My thought was that if I could change the heart of this creature, evil from birth, then I would accomplish far more than I would by slaying it.