Quoted from Game Master
Rigaldo, the inn keeper, answers the question of services the traveling priest could [perform].

Brother Darme, to Rigaldo
I would be happy to help put the victim’s souls to rest.

Elric takes several minutes to walk around the perimeter of the ruined building, taking careful note of potential hazards. He removes his armor and sets his traveling gear aside, and carefully wades into the rubble.

Search check
1d20 +1
roll 1 + 1 = 2
((Crap. Gonna take 20 then…))

After Elric searches through the remains of the inn for several minutes, the smoke and ash begin to irritate his eyes to the point of near-blindness.

Undaunted, Elric continues to sift though the wreckage. He gingerly lifts the occasional beam out of the way as he searches for the bodies of the fallen.

Number of Bodies (courtesy of DM)
4d4 +0
3,3,4,1 +0 = 11

After hours of work, the light begins to fade, and Elric has managed to unearth nearly a dozen bodies.

((I’ll continue working into the night to dig out the rest of the bodies.))

Quoted from Game Master
Riful comes over to where Brother Darme [is] pulling out dead bodies. She orders her big dog to aid [him] in finding bodies.

Teresa and her band sing a song to lift up the spirits of those saddened, and also [to provide Brother Darme with confidence to find more of the bodies].

Elric absently wipes his brow, smearing the ash covering his arms and face with his sweat. He’s covered from head to toe in ash and soot at this point. He smiles as the big dog jumps into the ashes and starts digging furiously.

Brother Darme, to Riful
Your help is much appreciated!

Elric sighs heavily and stretches, his arm and back muscles complaining.

Brother Darme, wistfully
I didn’t realize I was that easy to read. Forgive me, but I’ve encountered my share of monstrosities in my recent travels, and when I saw the smoke from the fire, I feared the worst.

May I ask your name?

((Going to continue to dig out the bodies, carefully sorting the humans from the kobolds and keeping them separated.))