Thursday, or Friday perhaps, I had a breakthrough of wondrous proportions. In one fell swoop, I finished designs for between twenty and thirty of the remaining character classes on my chart, and I revised quite a number of others. To summarize: of the eighty-four planned class concepts, I have roughs for more than seventy of them.

I’ve been working through class concepts for almost a year now, tackling one class and one suit at a time. Originally I thought I’d work through roles first, but I found my roles didn’t work and had to fix them first. Then I thought I’d work through classes, but the classes had no teeth, no concept. So, working on skill at a time, I made them.

I’ve completed preliminary designs for all the Wands classes (clerics, scribes, smiths), Cups classes (mystics, hunters, scouts), and Coins classes (bards, sneaks, speakers). I overhauled a lot of concepts for magic states, skills, and classes along the way. I defined each one of the skills, and how the classes use them.

Once the roughs are done, I’ll be making a lot of sweeping changes across the classes again, mostly to make sure the themes are consistent within states and skills. I’ve done tons of research that’s altered the shape of the Norvendae setting, and it will serve as the basis for the games I hope to publish later this year.

I know I’ve said this before, but this is really, really incredibly exciting stuff. I’m literally staring down the end of a five-year design project. The number of times I’ve come close to scrapping the project — throwing in the towel or whatever — all seem so silly in retrospect. There’s so much to look forward to, and so soon.

I’ve whined about not working on the webcomic, and I’ve let my depression get the better of me on occasion. I mean, really, I do feel bad about allowing the comic to languish in hiatus, but it was so I could continue development of the project the comic was developed to promote. It’s a tie-in, to help market the game.

I will eventually get to everything. That was part of the deal upfront. Comic, game, blog. All of it. It’s coming. Tell your friends. *hot-blooded*