Quoted from Game Master
Meanwhile back at Steinroad Brother Elric arrives, drawn in by the large smoke the INN leaves behind.

Brother Darme, to self
Oh, oh my. What’s happened here?

Elric Darme surveys the tiny, huddled buildings. He sees the remains of the burned-down inn. Terrible thoughts race through his mind. Could this be the work of the dragon? Bandits? One of his enemies?

He quickly seeks out the nearest person.

Brother Darme, to villager
Excuse me, can you tell me what happened here?

((If no one nearby is particularly calm, I’ll first attempt Diplomacy to get someone’s attention and calm some folks down. Failing that, I’ll use a calm emotions spell on the nearest person and get some answers that way.))

Quoted from Game Master
Riful answers in a monotone [voice]:

Teresa retells the story in a more musical way, while Ilene and Clare do a short [improvised] performance of what happened.

Brother Darme, to Riful
That’s terrible! I am saddened by your loss. How recently did this occur?

Though the tale saddens him, Elric is awash with relief to hear that the attack had nothing to do with the dragon he’d encountered on his travels.

Brother Darme, to Riful
My name is Elric Darme, I’m a traveling priest and I have the ability to heal wounds. I can also perform rites for the dead and help with burial for the unfortunate victims of the attack. What needs to be done?

((I’ll do my best to figure out where I’m needed. I’ll remain patient with the man, despite his apparent shock, and do my best to comfort anyone who may need my help. I’ll first try Diplomacy, and fall back on calm emotions if they’re particularly distraught.))