We’ve completed uploading all of the comics to the mirror. What to do now, considering I don’t really want to maintain two separate sites (it’s in my mission statement, to consolidate my online presence). There may soon be a move and centralization of the website here, to RumorsOfWarComic.com.

You’ll notice a couple things about the comics now. First of all, navigation is a bit of a pain. We’re working on that. Whatever function made is work really well before the ComicPress update at the beginning of March no longer works. Neither do the year- season- Categories I had before. It’s very frustrating, let me tell you.

There’s a handy drop-down menu on the left there, above the monthly archives, but it currently includes uncategorized blog posts in addition to comic posts. Also frustrating. Since there are over two hundred uncategorized blog posts, it’s going to take me a while to get them sorted, and out of the navigation thing.

Finally, the conclusion of Chapter 33, long overdue at this point, is now online. I stopped right in the middle of Chapter 33 when the comic went on hiatus last July, and I finally finished the chapter a few weeks ago (it has been that long now, hasn’t it). Current projects are making it immensely difficult to get back to work on the comic.

Oh, but they’ll be worth it, I promise.