Late yesterday afternoon, I took a stroll through the KickStarter archive of funded game projects to get a feel for what’s come before. Earlier this week, I started making a push to develop a playable version of the rules and setting I’ve been designing, and I want to produce a salable game sometime this summer.

The working title for the project is War of the Seven States of Magic, or WotSSoM, pronounced roughly the way it looks. Elementary, isn’t it? I chose it because it bears a similarity to the “Warring States Period” of Chinese history, of which some themes are echoed, such the development of military strategy and philosophy.

It actually works a little too well as a name, and the number of states of magic versus the political states in China during the era wasn’t intentional, but a coincidence, if you can believe it. It just worked out that way. *shrug* Either way, I want to study and eventually incorporate Chinese history and mythology into the game’s setting.

I’ll keep you posted as to when and how I’m going to set up my KickStarter Project. I currently have a project in the works with cookiemonger, which you should see in the coming weeks. What I can say now is, it’s going to be a book and it’s already fantastic. Stay tuned, it’s going to be an exciting year!