Not sure what I was looking for when I found “Immoral Women” from The Border House, but it caught my attention and I wanted to share. Actually, having recently watched The Iron Lady, I see a great deal of potential for an increase in the role of women as villains in games and stories. Intelligent, powerfully-motivated villains.

This morning I was puttering around a bit with how to spend my day, thinking about how I might write an adventure module or three and post them up here, and I was fishing for a plot and some characters to base them around. I had some ideas to start, and then I read this article from The Border House that really got the wheels turning.

From my experience, Dungeons & Dragons has always been pretty egalitarian in its usage of men and women (and bugbears, and dragons) as villains, and that such characters have been all over the scale in terms of beauty, intelligence, motivation, and morbidity. Every group is different of course, so portrayals tend to vary.

Still, I feel something tugging at the back of my mind, an urge to create a villain worthy of remembrance. Sadly The Border House article uses three Bioware games for character references, and I’ve played none of them (I haven’t played a Bioware game since Neverwinter Nights, to be honest), so I’m left with speculation.

What I’ll have to do is create a chart with some villainous traits and goals, and write several short series of adventures around each villain, keeping a theme of something along the lines of “Evil Without Borders.” Or, something less tasteless perhaps.