It’s been eating at me that I haven’t updated Rumors of War since last July, it really has. I finally “made time” for it yesterday, taking my lunch to reread the last several chapters and take notes (and review old notes) about where I’m supposed to be and what’s supposed to be going on. I have a lot of comic to make up for at this point.

Also, it came to my attention recently that the comic isn’t available to read, which is probably the reason my score on “The Webcomic List” has been slowly dropping. Yeah, I really was that oblivious. Anyway, I finished Chapter 33, and will upload it as soon as we’ve figured out how to make the rest of the comic viewable.

Now I have tons of notes about how I intend to finished 2011 Q2’s story arc, and also plenty of notes about how to structure Q3’s story arc (one left “unplanned” so as to be available for filling any narrative gaps). What I would like to do, ideally, is complete the story arc as quickly as possible, move onto the next, and finish out the 2011 year.

I may have figured out how to make the webcomic work into my schedule again, taking my lunch to review and brainstorm, and the first part of the evening to script and build pages. I’m thinking that if this plan works to my advantage, and I can finish out the year, I can go back to making Rumors of War update daily. That’s the plan, anyway.

Just a simple plan… what could go wrong? *snerk*