I think I realized, in a vague sense, that the Combat Zone effect wouldn’t fly for all the character types I was trying to create. While I was developing different terrain types that finally worked for me (home, center, corner, rank, and file), they could certainly be used to modify locations, but that wasn’t enough for the complete effect I wanted.

See, the Combat Zone is really a place for characters of the Soldier class (still to come in Character Classification), and with Marshals and Braves joining on the periphery. I mean, even though all three of the classes are Swords-suit classes, and all have equal claims on the “conflict” sphere, the Combat Zone belongs to the Soldier class.

What this means for the other classes, is that there will be a minimum of three other zones — one for each suit — centered around the “defender” class of each suit (Soldiers, Smiths, Speakers, and Scouts. Interesting how they all begin with an ‘S’). Attrition, by extension, is a schtick of the Soldier class.

Members of the Brave class, on the other hand, are individualistic warriors, heroes, or “champions” compared to the Soldier class. They fight apart from others, and tend to be icons or examples compared to the more grit-and-bear-it demeanor of Soldiers. Balancing this is the fact that figureheads are nothing if not in front of something.

So, at some point, I expect I shall be putting forth a few more zone types, perhaps a commerce zone, maybe something for law or a symposium, I’m not quite sure yet. There will be one for each suit, and each class of that suit will have something to contribute. And there may eventually be one for each class.