It’s taken some time to develop the magic concepts for the sneak class archetype, as it has with most of the more recent archetypes, as it was necessary to do some rather involved research into concepts of stealth, subterfuge, and infiltration. The sneak is an offense-oriented class that mainly uses Deception.

Rogues are the sneaks of the natural state, using talents of misdirection to lure unsuspecting targets into carefully-laid traps. By hook or by crook, Deception is the weapon of choice for every sneak worth her salt. As is mixing metaphors.

Sneaks of the primeval state are beguilers, and they utilize their inherent skill to project illusions and manipulate emotions. They are masters of disguise, surprise, infiltration, and the feint, leaving a trail of confounded foes in their wake.

Duergar are the sneaks of the elemental state, manipulating natural elements of earth and stone to create foxholes, trenches, and hidden caches to hide their allies and supplies, trap their foes, and launch diabolical ambushes.

Empyreal-state sneaks are heretics, those agents of the Powers That Be who are appointed for unpleasant, questionable tasks outside the bounds of the standard doctrine preached by clerics and mystics. They are masters of exploiting loopholes.

Sneaks of the ethereal state are called phantoms, and their power enables use of the Veil between life and death as a supernatural camouflage to disguise themselves and their allies. The closer one is to death, the farther they are from harm.

Dragnets are sneaks of the sidereal state, and they use the power of starlight to create great astral “nets” with which to ensnare their prey. Those same nets can be used to obscure their allies and enable grand deceptive ploys.

Spectral-state sneaks are called lurkers, and justifiably so – they so excel in matters of stealth and subterfuge one might say they invented it. As a quirk of happenstance, they learned at the foot of the titans who invented stealth.