For some reason, I was imagining the title of this entry fitting the tune of “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General,” but it just seems silly. One of the authors I follow on Twitter linked to this article by Rachelle Gardner, an agent in the field of publishing, “How to Make a Living as a Writer.” It’s the first of a (presumably) two-part series.

The article addresses the reality of making money as a writer, that you’re unlikely to make a living by writing one blockbuster. It should be noted that the vast majority of successful writers don’t even get one such book, but rather produce a stream of novels, short stories, and such, which together provide them with a living wage.

Following this article, the author will presumably discuss the importance of writing in several different fields, so as to cultivate a larger readership. Not only does writing in a single genre tend to make you a stale author (not all authors, but many), it doesn’t really help you grow as a writer. It’s a good idea to pursue multiple styles.

Consider that the same things that make a well-rounded character, like different hobbies, interests, and friends, are the same things that make a good writer. It’s a good idea, to develop yourself as you would a character in your story. It also helps to expand those things you write about in the vein of “writing what you know.”

Uh, it should also be noted that the sage advice I mention in the title of this entry refers to Rachelle’s advice, not mine, since she’s the agent, and I’m not. I’m not in the industry, um, yet. So this is to echo the advice of someone who knows more.