I don’t check in on Twitter much because I’m usually busy and it doesn’t hang out in my consciousness much. Not in the frontal, must-do-something-about-it-now part, anyway. I’m sure it’s around somewhere. I sometimes get a notice that someone new is following my tweets, but it’s almost always a spam bot.

Not this morning! (Though you know I checked.)

This morning I got a notice that an independent writer/publisher based out of New Jersey was following my Twitter, so I figured I’d check it out. Here’s a link to her blog, “What Chris Writes.” Not that I anticipate a link back or anything, I just figured it was worth mentioning. I also noticed that I’m not “followed” by goat people anymore.

No more goats. Sad day.

Anyhow, Christine Dougherty is New Jersey-based and has a website for her work here, at “Christine Dougherty Books Dot Com,” which isn’t the most inspiring or enticing of names for things, but it gets the job done. I suppose it’s better than the fantasy world you’ve invented, you’re more likely to stick with your own name.

Still wrestling with the Twitter beast as a whole. I suppose I should really use it as a place for posting inane stuff about the world, but mostly I jot that stuff down in my notebook, or blog about it. I guess I’ll have to give it a shot? *shrug*