Maybe I have a trace of that gene George Lucas has, which makes me want to explain absolutely every apparent plot hole in my webcomic. For example, one particular thing I’ve been wrestling with is why animals and beasts are mentioned in my comic, but never shown. It could be that they are present and I just don’t have sprites for them. Maybe I just don’t like people poking holes in my work.

There something else I’ve been wrestling with, in conjunction with trying to explain away a lack of animal sprites, and that’s how to explain animals and beasts from a magical perspective. If people have magic, do beasts have magic too? What separates people from animals? Does anything actually separate the two?

Leaving the anthropomorphic, talking animals topic aside for now (they’re common enough in myths around the Mediterranean), I’m having trouble reconciling the two. One explanation I came up with, is animals and beasts aren’t fully “alive,” even compared to the limited extent that mortal humans are considered to be.

Maybe beasts are a sort of half-formed human that wasn’t gifted with a mind element, and thus has difficulty controlling its form, thus reverting to the primal equivalent of its drives and desires? No, that explanation raises more questions than it answers.

Another possible answer is the one this post derives its title from, and that’s how animals and beasts are considered “projections” of nature, or in this case of the Norvendae setting, the Natural State of Magic. Gaia is the source of Natural Magic, and I thought her “unborn children” might have material form before conception.

Of course, because we’re talking about the literal personification of life, her unborn children can be just as powerful and deadly as any of her “born” children (and just look at the trouble they can get up to). They could be considered the most basic, however stable or unstable, forms of life. They have no power except life itself.

…And that’s what animals, beasts, and other mortals can be expected to be. There literally are no difference between people and animals, except what they make of themselves — and that’s where heroes, factions, and all that good stuff comes in.

As for those sprites? I suppose I’ll have to get to work.