Hi, this is dither, owner of Norvendae.com (you’ll know me best from just about everything on the site … ’cause I wrote it), and I’d like to talk to you, whoever you are, if you have a website with a webcomic, or if you talk about game design, or if you’re a friend and you update your blog regularly (or semi-regularly).

After years of neglect, I’m adding, revising, and updating my list of links that you can see if you scroll down a little bit. If you’re interested in a link exchange, I’d be more than happy to put a shiny link right … down there on the right. You might have to … scroll a little to see it. *points* It’s right there. After “Collections” and “Brain Cloud.”

If you have my banner in some prominent place, or include Norvendae.com in your site’s “links” section, I’ll include you in my “Affiliates” section. The Webcomics section beneath that is really more of a “what am I reading?” sort of thing, and I don’t necessarily need these people to link back to me. (But it would be nice!)

There used to be another couple affiliates there, but I removed them because they never actually added links or banners coming back here. Can you say “dog house?” Come on guys, I seriously gave you like, two years. That’s an awful lot of slack! Cookiemonger has been incredibly patient, and never even pestered me for a link.

Perhaps sometime this year, I’m thinking about hosting Project Wonderful ads to generate a little revenue. I’m hoping to make Norvendae self-sufficient, so it doesn’t represent a drain on my bank account. Everything is currently paid for out of pocket.

Over the next year, I hope to expand the site and continue adding new content. Eventually, I hope to complete “To Catch A Goat” and resume Rumors of War. That’ll mostly depend on how much Norvendae can support itself. The more work I have to put into the site itself, the longer it’ll take to get back to content. Some day…