Following “Weapons and Attributes,” I wanted to give you a preview of the work I’ve been doing with weapon powers. Currently, these are designed to work as Sudden-action powers to enhance an attack to immediately follow. This means, incidentally, that if your character is “Stunned,” per the current status effects, you can’t use them.

Axe – The next time your attack is countered, you may reduce the counterattack damage as though hit.

Blade – The next time your attack is absorbed, you may forgo the secondary effect of your attack to ignore the target’s damage reduction.

Flail – The next time your attack is evaded, you may forgo miss damage to instead subject the target to the secondary effect of your attack.

Javelin – The next time your attack is negated, the target is subject to damage at the start of their next turn as though missed by your attack. (Doesn’t trigger miss effects.)

Maul – The next time your attack is evaded, one of the target’s allies (your choice) is subjected to the damage from your attack.

Spear – The next time your attack is blocked, the blocker is subjected to the secondary effect of your attack.

These are the first six weapons, there are four more that aren’t detailed here: the sling, the club, the bow, and hand weapons. Each weapon power is designed specifically to bend the rules in the favor of one or more of the tactical roles. For instance, your blade ignores absorption if you forgo your secondary effect.

Due to the fact that there are ten weapons and five defensive powers, you can decide whether your character really, really hates a particular defense (counter or negate, for instance) and focus your wrath on destroying anyone who uses them, or playing to your role’s strengths for benefits unique to that role-plus-weapon combination.

Additionally (but wait, there’s more!), each role will have three primary weapon styles to choose from, giving each role the opportunity for extra flair with one of their favored weapons. This includes several dual-wielding styles, some brawling styles for those who like to mix it up, and the use and abuse of shields in combat (keepers only!).