Still talking about tactical roles here. I was watching cookiemonger play Final Fantasy X-2 yesterday and recalling the item crafting system from Final Fantasy X. For how underplayed it was, I think the system was marvelous. No real pomp or fanfare to it, if was just there. Ice Ward, Stoneproof, Double AP, etc.

And so I was thinking, as much as I like the tactical roles having synergy with certain types of weapons, I don’t want the weapon powers to come from the roles themselves, I just want the two to compliment one another. A charger favors a heavy weapon to deal damage, but they can use a bow or spear for their respective powers.

I have ten main weapon types, intended to reflect the types of warfare characters will discover in the setting. I want any character to be able to use any weapon, whether it’s favored by their tactical role or not. Obviously, there will be some advantage to taking one weapon over another, but whatever the player chooses, it’s up to them.

You could think of the weapons as having their own powers in a manner similar to how weapon skills are described for Guild Wars 2, with each weapon or weapon set coming with its own suite of powers — though my intent is to have weapon powers remain the constant despite tactical roles. Character options become [weapons times roles].

Choosing a weapon should be a bit like choosing a race in Fourth Edition. You’ll get some kind of weapon-specific power designed to accentuate its unique advantages, and there will be additional options based on selecting the weapon if you wish to explore that area of your character — though they’ll be far from necessary.

The tactical roles will still have unique advantages in accordance with their favored weapons, but weapons will be designed to have stand-alone benefits to give players the option of going with or against type as they desire. Clearly, you can see from the defensive powers that the game will rely not just on damage, but secondary effects.

So you can imagine: choose a role [5], choose a weapon [10]. You get a sweet defensive power in line with your character’s tactical role, plus a bonus to hit with attacks against characters using either of your rival tactical roles. If you happen to choose either weapon favored by your tactical role, you get an additional perk.

Once I’ve worked out basic weapon powers, I’ll post them here.