Some time after I posted yesterday’s entry, “Unique Weapon Powers,” I realized that some of the weapon powers were a bit too dependent on the favored role in terms of usage. For instance, the axe’s effect, upon being countered, is to “absorb” damage, which only benefits a character in the charger role.

Next, it occurred to me that there should be some consistency in how the weapons effect the same defense. They might approach the problem differently (melee vs. missile), but the “fatal flaw” in the defense should be exploited in pretty much the same way by each weapon. So, I made a chart to organize my thoughts.

Evade (harrier) is beaten by mauls and flails (charger & trapper)
Absorb (charger) is beaten by blades and bows (keeper & seeker)
Block (keeper) is beaten by spears and slings (trapper & harrier)
Counter (trapper) is beaten by hands and axes (seeker & charger)
Negate (seeker) is beaten by clubs and javelins (harriers & keepers)

One thing that isn’t immediately obvious is that there is one melee attack and one missile attack that defeats each role (the flail is a melee weapon with a missile-like effect, and both axes and javelins are “versatile” weapons that function in both the melee and missile capacity). This gave me something to think about.

In particular, I found my faced with the difficult question of “how does one effectively counter a counterattack?” It forced me to think about the timing of attacks, and what exactly it meant when a character “countered” another character’s attack. If I have the opportunity today, I’ll try and elaborate on this process some more.