Okay, to create a set of social conditions, I came up with some guidelines for how they should work, namely that the conditions should serve sort of as a road map to changing factions, and that they all present fairly negative concepts, like the existing conditions of Contagion, Dehydration, Exhaustion, and Starvation.

Secondly, both conditions of each faction should represent a scale of sorts, that faction members must somehow moderate between, with one condition representing internal conflict and the other, external conflict. Unlike physical and mental conditions, the only way to alleviate the stress of a social condition is to switch factions.

Switching factions of course, has its own repercussions.

Without further adieu, here’s the preliminary list:
Princes, caught in a delicate balance between Decadence and Dissension. In order to woo their political rivals and maintain the love of their people, princes must be willing to indulge the desires of those around them, and sate in their own desires as well. They must of course balance their image carefully so as not to appear aloof.

Knights maintain a closer relationship with their subjects than princes do, and as such must maintain a code closer to their people. Thus, they balance Humiliation with Isolation — if their honor is besmirched, they may fall from grace in the eyes of the people, and they can’t ignore challenges without becoming disconnected.

Members of clans or Tribes must balance their activities so as to be steadfast and determined without acquiring Tenacity. They resist efforts to crush their will while remaining flexible enough to overcome the challenges they meet. Growing too clever, or too specialized sets them apart, and they gain Aberration.

Experts, working outside the standards set by the rest of society, live by their own codes of conduct, often forming orders and guilds to police their own. Conforming too much to the standards of the society they exist within increases their Banality, whereas straying too far increases their own tendency toward Defiance.

Finally, those living outside the bounds of society, Outlaws, strive to avoid the Captivity they find should their activities attract too much of the wrong kinds of attention. Banding together or seeking reliable sustenance threatens them with complacency and growing Obeisance to an authority figure.

While factions as a whole must adhere to both of their relevant social conditions to remain in good standing with allied factions and their own membership, individuals have the option to choose which social conventions they wish to apply, paying any costs upfront. Failing to meet those expectations is not recommended.