Last night I sifted through a couple of my older notebooks (you could say one of my notebooks is “older” if I haven’t filled it yet) to find some notes I’d made about the goals and motivations of the Seven States of Magic. I found them in good season, and copied them into my current notebook, which is nearly full by now.

Along the way, I found some notes I made about fashioning pointed arguments (from a game mechanic standpoint), which will no doubt come in handy as I continue to work on systems for truth, honor, justice, and so forth, and jotted down some quick notes for varying styles of attack (which I’ll get into at a later time).

Somewhere amidst all that, I was given reason to pause and consider what all of my notes were for — all of them certainly useful notes for game mechanics, right? Well, I do think they are, but it’s very hard to keep up with them all. I’m still in the process of breaking them down and combining them into systems for actual play.

Here and there, I stop to reflect on what they all mean, like, “does this have any bearing on the game equivalent of ‘real life’,” and often enough, I can take a step back, examine it from a distance, and say “yes, I think so.” It’s a nice feeling.

Soon, I’ll be migrating a lot of my notes from my current notebook over to the next one, and probably wind up consolidating some things into new designs. It’s an exciting time, I know when I looked back over my older notes, it felt like I had less direction before, and the game was in a more solid state now. Then again, it always feels that way.

So I look toward the coming months with a mix of inspiration and uncertainty. I will definitely be doing something a few weeks from now, but I have no idea if it will be better or worse, or anything really different from what I’m doing now. Is that weird?