Incorrigible, I know. Back in October, I wrote “Implementing Implements,” an entry about the various implements that went in-hand with professions and their related skills (or is that the other-way ’round). Since then, I haven’t done much with them except to peer back and wonder what I was going to make of them.

With recent developments in weapon- and armor-concepts, I think I have some ideas about how implements will be used. Each character will have three equipment “slots,” two for weapons, one for armor. Characters will be able to swap between weapons at will, and implements will take up either an armor slot or a weapon slot.

Generally speaking, implements are mundane items (not weapons) that confer great power to those with the skill to use them, or in other words, those who champion the skill in their communities and/or choose a profession related to the skill. I’m going to revisit each implement to make sure it’s worth the weapon or armor slot.

I still don’t know how or if I’m going to address the question of “dual wielding” weapons or implements. As cool as the idea is, I think it’s an artifact of an age when having just one weapon wasn’t cool enough, perhaps because weapons weren’t much different from one another to start. If all goes well, dual-wielding won’t be necessary.

…And even if I do eventually decide to go the two-weapon route with design, you can imagine it will probably be handled similarly to multi-classing: sure, you can have more than one profession at a time, and it’ll afford you more options, but you won’t be as good as a specialist in either profession. There’ll probably be some synergy.