Continued from last week.

One of the things I forget when I host a game for a coordinated event, roleplaying or otherwise, is how much nerdier some players are than me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Not that I’m not a nerd myself. Somehow my nerdiness is contained when I’m hosting an event. Focused. Like hiding my power level or something.

Maybe it’s ’cause I’ve hosted so many events, or because I know the players are counting on me to keep things moving forward so everyone can enjoy the game. In some ways, it feels like playing the straight man for an entire comedy troupe. I’m not humorless, I just know what role I’m playing.

Of course, anyone who’s played alongside me knows that as a player, I don’t stop cracking jokes, in-game or out of character.

We had three full tables of six players apiece this week, and I was in the game master’s chair. We had a couple relatively new players, and we had to do some last-minute character building for them — an elf mage and an eladrin mage, with variations between them. We also picked up a dwarf and a paladin.

The encounter began with the interrogation of an insane dwarf who was captured at the end of the previous session. The dwarf was responsible for infecting the town with magical plague, and he’d been put up to it by his equally-insane, and power-mad brothers. I had a lot of fun playing that character. *grins*

Once the party determined the whereabouts of the insane dwarf’s brothers, they set out for the lair and were intercepted while fording a river — the brothers knew to expect the adventurers, and had sent a band to dispose of them. All told, our group took about an hour for the interrogation, and an hour for the ensuing battle.