Continued from Session Two.

I missed updating our progress for D&D Encounters the last couple weeks ’cause I kind of suck. I’ll just out and say it — I’m not the most consistent with some of the things I update on the blog. My “daily” webcomic will attest to this. I’ll go cry in the corner. Because that’s how I… roll? Never mind.

So, week three of D&D Encounters went pretty well. I enjoyed running the players through the “exploration” phase of the encounter, which amounted to a somewhat-okay-I-guess conceived Skill Challenge that wasn’t especially consistent but was at least broken down into a palatable outline of events.

My main problem with the Skill Challenge was that it didn’t have enough, you know, like, stuff. The book broke the whole thing down into four scenes, and there were different skills to roll for each section, different consequences for failure, but after running through all four “scenes,” the players hadn’t “finished.”

I mean, they’d scored mostly successes, but it was hard to stretch a scene out to encompass more than one or two dice rolls. I think if the encounter had offered say, a full half-dozen potential “scenes” to play through, and then let the game master pick and choose which scenes worked best, that would have been more useful.

My favorite part was actually roleplaying the galeb duhr, a creature I’ve used in my home campaigns before. The players wound up bribing him for information about the dark elf camp, which I thought was too cool to pass up. I mean, you insert non-player characters where you can, and see if the players bite. They dug him, I could tell.

But I also know they dug him because I knew how to sell the character. I’ve played watcher-type characters before, and I’ve played a lot number of nonhuman creatures with long life spans. I pulled off a “cool old guy” kind of voice, basically Treebeard if he were a rock, and I engaged the players. The module gives you very little.

The encounter concludes with a skirmish with some dark elves. I think it probably constitutes enough for its own post. I’ll start in on that shortly. Stay tuned!